About Masticating Juicer Reviews


You can find many juicers these days on any online and offline retailer. Many times is not easy to figure out their differences if you have not tested.

For this reason, you need the Masticating Juicer Reviews. I will help you with that decision. My reviews will be honest and detailed.

My name is Ilias and before you start looking for more information, let me explain to you why I prefer masticating juicers.


Masticating juicers are more expensive than centrifugal juicers. They cost from $100-$500 while centrifugal juicers cost from $40. Sure you can find expensive centrifugal juicers but they are cheaper on average.

So, why should you buy a masticating juicer?

I will give you three reasons:

  1. Better Taste: If you do not like your juices, it possible to stop drinking them. This happens a lot with people who want to start a healthier lifestyle and kids.
  2. More Nutrition: The quick spinning of centrifugal juicers oxidize your juice. This is not going to happen with the slow spinning of a masticating juicer.
  3. More Juice: Masticating juicers will give you more juice than centrifugal juicers. You really save money in the long term if you make juices daily as you buy fewer fruits and vegetables.

What Can You Find On My Website?

My first goal is to write great reviews on masticating juicers to help you make the best choice when you want to buy one or compare them.

After that, I will give you information relevant to masticating juicers. It can really anything.

I plan to write new posts or pages once per week. So, stay updated.

That’s all for now, wait for my updates!